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SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer gently removes light contamination and restores a just-waxed shine to all paint finishes. This thick formula provides a deep shine plus added paint protection and water repellency. Use SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer any time to improve paint's luster and slickness. Sonax BSD ini bisa digunakan sebagai perawatan dari Sonax PNS dan Sonax Nano Coating

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Harga untuk stock baru 2016 kemasan Repack :
85.000 = 250ml kemasan HDPE
140.000 = 500ml 





Chemical Guys V7 Optical Select High Gloss Spray Sealant Detailer raises the bar for spray sealants! It is a super glossy, super slick sealant that instantly bonds to automotive surfaces, providing long-lasting shine and protection. The clarity is fantastic on any paint finish and virtually any surface.

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- Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer 







- Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine (anti static fitur)