Ini salah satu paint protection made in Germany yang cukup bagus dari segi harga dan kualitas, satu aplikasi bisa bertahan up 12 bulan, dan mempunyai waktu cure yang cukup singkat .




Sonax Profline Nano Paint Protect - 50ml 

Provides long-lasting and highly effective protection against hostile environmental hazards. Simultaneously, the paint colours are intensively refreshed. 

SONAX Nano Paint Protect is a nano technology based paintwork coating for professional users and enthusiasts. The paintwork is protected by a glass hard coating of fluoro carbon modified silicium dioxide particles. The inorganic silicate layer offers hardness & durability. The organic fluorine/carbon layer provides the lotus effect. 

SONAX Nano Paint Protect intensively freshens up colours, and has outstanding dirt and water repellent properties. The product provides protection up to 12 months, depending on environmental conditions. 

After the product has cured the finish of the paint is noticably richer and the surface becomes extremely hydrophobic. This a professional grade product that offers genuine looks and durability.

- Before treatment, polish to a hologram-free deep shine.
- Thoroughly clean the paint with Sonax Paint Prepare or an IPA wipe down
- Spray SONAX Nano Paint protect onmto the supplied applicator pad or into a tightly folded Polishing Cloth and working in a criss cross pattern, thinly cover the entire surface. Always work on smaller areas, maximum 1/2m² at a time.
- Leave to dry for max. 30sec, then wipe very sensitive with another microfibre cloth over the surface until there are no longer any smears visible. The treated surface should be left to cure for at least an hour but preferably overnight. During this time the treated surface should not get wet